About Us

Since we started in year 1971, our commitment at Cornerstone International Philippines (CIP) has been to provide hotels and restaurants with the most reliable hospitality and food service products in the country.

Our reputation of quality, trust, and professionalism is seen through the many clients we have served, which include many famous institutions all over the Philippines.

With partners from around the world, our product range encompasses items for the restaurant, kitchen, rooms, lobby, banquet, housekeeping, and stewarding areas of the hotel, restaurant, resort, and catering industries.

We provide you with options that meet both functional requirements and unique aesthetic tastes. Whether for unique or fundamental wares, CIP is your sure trustworthy and reliable product source.

Our experience and reputation has made our name CIP synonymous to quality and high performance in the hospitality and food service industry in the Philippines.

Throughout the 40 some years that we have been in business, we have never been more proud to be

Your trusted hotel and restaurant supplier.

Your Trusted Hotel and Restaurant Supplier